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Cat Quotations

“As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat.”
Ellen Perry Berkeley

“Before a cat will condescend
To treat you as a trusted friend,
Some little token of esteem
Is needed, like a dish of cream.”

T.S. Eliot

Cats helped or re-homed in 2009

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Here are the stories of some of the cats we have helped in the past.


Picture of Blossom

Blossom's owner had only taken her in from the streets a couple a weeks before. To his amazement, she gave birth to 3 kittens!

Spurning the new cat bed he had purchased for her, she used a rubbish bag.

We agreed to take her and the kittens in until they were old enough to rehome.

Picture of Blossom's Kittens

She was then spayed, and returned to her much relieved new owner, who had been visiting her every week.


Picture of Bert

Believe it or not, Bert’s family were terrified of him!

He is a very friendly, possibly overactive kitten, who was rehomed within 2 days!


Picture of Cashew

Cashew was fighting his way round the local cat population……….when he was trapped and neutered, he was also found to have the feline AIDs virus, FIV.

He settled down very quickly though, and was rehomed within a few weeks.


Picture of Crosby

A young ginger boy, he was found in a garden shed near Brockwell Park.

He was very friendly and we can only speculate as to why he was homeless. Had he been dumped or strayed too far?

He was rehomed with another cat we know called Stan, and is getting on very well.


Picture of Molly

Molly came to us when her owner's poor health meant she was unable to keep her.

An attractive and friendly cat, she was rehomed within a few weeks.

Molly and Kittens

Picture of Molly's Kittens

Picture of Molly

Molly was taken in by a very kind couple who looked after her, until we were able to take her in with her 4 kittens!

Jamie, Squealer, Hilary and Fluff.

The kittens were rehomed in pairs, and Molly went to a new home soon after.

Mr Cat

Picture of Mr Cat

A tiny little kitten, he was found on a building site, and taken to the local pub.

They contacted us and sent him round in a taxi!

He was very timid, but soon went to a new home.


Picture of Nelson

Nelson was about 18 months old and he came to us when his elderly owner died.

He stayed with us over Christmas and went to live with his new owner and her son.


Picture of Norbert

He was the local villain when we first heard of him, fighting other cats for their territory and their food.

We helped the feeder trap him. He was neutered and turned out to be nice after all!

We looked after him, and he was homed with a young family locally.


Verna was an elderly tabby cat. Sadly Verna was very ill when she came to us when her owner was admitted to hospital. She had extensive tests, but unfortunately she had to be put to sleep.