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Cat Quotations

“As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat.”
Ellen Perry Berkeley

“Before a cat will condescend
To treat you as a trusted friend,
Some little token of esteem
Is needed, like a dish of cream.”

T.S. Eliot

Cats helped or re-homed in 2011

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Here are the stories of some of the cats we have helped.

October to December


Picture of Shadow

Shadow's owners approached us in early February, as they were having to move into temporary accommodation and could not keep him. They had tried other places to home Shadow with no luck. We took Shadow in, had him neutered ready to find him a new home, when we heard from his original family that they had moved into their new flat, where they could keep a cat after all. It was, a happy ending for Shadow, as he went back (to his new) home.

Sadly, we heard that Shadow found living in the limited confines of a flat, a stressful experience, and the owners asked if we could find a home he could adjust to better.

Shadow has now been rehomed and he and his new owners are very happy. He now lives with a feral cat, a dog and visiting dog!

Medallion Boy

Picture of Medallion Boy

Medallion Boy is a very timid local stray. He was being fed by a few people, but needed neutering. We managed to trap him when his resistance was low; he had a very bad ear infection and abscess. He had the ear treated, and was neutered at the same time. We had to keep him for a week, so that the vet could check the condition of his ear. Apparently it was very badly infected and they were not sure if he might need further treatment. However, he passed his ‘medical’ and was released at home.

Picture of Medallion Boy

As you can see from the second picture, he is now looking very well and his coat is much better than we have seen it before.

Florrie & Dolly

Picture of Florry and Dolly

We received a call late one night, reporting a cat and kitten abandoned on a local estate. We went to look for them and found them in a secluded area, where they were being fed and sleeping in cat scratching posts. The Tortie came up to us and was easy to get into a carrier, but Dolly, who we think is 5 - 6 months old was much harder to get. We waited for her to get back into her cat post and covering the entrance, managed to get her into the car.

Picture of Florry

Once they were home it was apparent that they may be related, but did not get on with each other at all. They have both been neutered, vaccinated (1st one anyway) and microchipped, and have both been rehomed. Florrie has gone by herself and has settled in well. Dolly went to live with a cat called Eric. At first, she was very timid, but is starting to settle in.

Picture of Dolly

Picture of Florry and Dolly


Picture of Mozart

We first met Mozart in May, when we arranged for him to be neutered, as his owner could not afford it. Unfortunately, in July, he was knocked down by a car and was injured. We paid for him to be treated at the vets, and lent his owner a kitten pen, as he had to be contained while he recovered.


July to September


Picture of Kizzy

Kizzy is 9 or 10 months old and needed a new home, as her previous owner could not afford to keep her. She is playful and could tolerate being with another cat, as long as they were not too dominant. Kizzy was rehomed with Daisy below. They are with a couple and their 2 sons.


Picture of Daisy

Daisy is about a year old and came to us mid 2011 with two of her four kittens. Her previous owner was not able to keep her, as she already had another cat and could only keep one. Daisy's two kittens who came with her have been rehomed together. Daisy is a charming and friendly little cat, who could be rehomed with other cats. She has been rehomed with Daisy above with a couple and their 2 sons.

April to June


Picture of Gemma

Gemma is about 4 years old. She was found abandoned in Brixton and had cat flu, which has taken three courses of antibiotics to put right.

She is friendly and is a gentle, chatty and playful cat. We know that she has already been homed through another rescue group and it's very sad that she has needed to be rescued again. Gemma was neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

Gemma was rehomed in May and is already settling in well, and enjoys cuddling on the sofa and burrowing under quilt covers!

Bullet / Oscar

Picture of Bullet

Bullet was an unneutered cat being fed in Norwood. We have had him neutered, and he was returned to his feeder.

Although he was going to be trapped, he could be picked up, and had turned out to be a very friendly lap cat.

In December 2010 Bullet had not settled where he was being fed and therefore, we took him back in.

Bullet has been renamed Oscar. He now lives a few doors away from us, and therefore, cannot resist visiting us on a regular basis.

January to March


Picture of Terri

Terri was about one year old when she was found roaming around a large council estate with her brother Arthur. When they came to us they were absolutely terrified and spent many days and weeks under the bedspread, so we named them the Candlewick Duo.

Over the weeks Terri became more confident, although both were still shy. They could both be stroked, when eating. They are both gentle cats and not at all aggressive, and spent a lot of time playing together.

In December 2010 Terri was very very friendly, playful, relaxed and affectionate.

Terri was rehomed in January. She has been fitted for a lifejacket (really!) as she is an intrepid sailor, accompanying her new owners on their boat.


Picture of Lola

Lola and her 5 kittens came to us at the end of March. As the owner was not able to look after them all, they stayed with us until the kittens were rehomed.

Their owner kept in touch and visited throughout.

There were 3 black and white boys and two female tabbies. One of the boys went to live with another cat and the other kittens were homed in pairs.

Picture of Lola's Kittens

Lola was speyed and then returned to live with her owner.


Picture of Andy

This is Andy. In early March, we had a call from someone asking advice about an unneutered cat who was visiting their own cat, Figaro. Although the people did not mind Andy visiting, unfortunately, he was rather smelly. Andy could not be picked up, so they borrowed a trap to catch him. We arranged for Andy to be neutered, have flea and worming treatment, before returning him to the site. He is now a regular visitor, keeping Figaro company and happily eating any food given!


Picture of Deborah

This cat first came to the attention of a lady in West Norwood when it walked into the lady's kitchen. The cat seemed to be in a very bad state, so the lady called us. The vet diagnosed a serious thyroid problem. The cat was in such a poor condition that the vet didn't even worry about the sex. We called the cat Soldier Boy, as it seemed determined to survive. However, a few days later, the lady in West Norwood contacted us again. She had been talking to her neighbour. It turned out that Soldier Boy was in fact an elderly lady called Deborah! Her owner had been away and the feeder had not noticed the deterioration in her condition. Deborah is now back home again. She has had a couple of health crises, but we are taking her to the vet regularly. Deborah has put on a few grams in weight, which for her, is a major achievement.