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Cat Quotations

“I had been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult. It's not. Mine had me trained in two days.”
Bill Dana

“What greater gift than the love of a cat?”
Charles Dickens

“A cat is a lion in a jungle of small bushes.”
Indian Proverb

“Who among us hasn't envied a cat's ability to ignore the cares of daily life and to relax completely?”
Karen Brademeyer

Cats needing homes



Geni is a lovely young cat, who had kittens last year which we re-homed, with the help of Cats Protection.

Her owner was evicted a few weeks ago and she came to us for re-homing.

She was re-homed quite quickly, but did not get on with another cat in the home, and as she is a bit timid, she needed to come back.

She is a lovely gentle cat, staying in one of the pens halfway up the garden and is getting more confident. She is now wanting her head stroked, loves her food, and now realises that if we see her, she does not need to hide.

If you would like to give Geni a new home, please contact us.



Dash is 6 and Suki below is 5. Their owner, who was our electrician, is emigrating to Barbados in a few weeks and is unable to take them with him.

Dash is a very laid back cat and can be re-homed separately or together with Suki. He would suit a home with children.

If you would like to give Dash a new home, please contact us.



Dash above is 6 and Suki is 5. Their owner, who was our electrician, is emigrating to Barbados in a few weeks and is unable to take them with him.

Suki is a sensitive cat and would best be homed in place without children and can be re-homed with Dash above or separately.

If you would like to give Suki a new home, please contact us.

Black & White Kittens - Ethel and Ernie

Black and White kittens

The kittens belonged to a lady who had numerous stray cats which bred with one another.

She bought them into a vet surgery as she wanted them to be checked over.

All of the older cats in the household have subsequently been neutered.

Ethel and Ernie are fairly timid and have already been returned from a family who thought they were too scared to live there.

They are now 7 months and the vets would very much like to find them a home.

They are still timid but much more courageous than before and full of life. If you would like to give the kittens a new home, please contact us.



Misty is a 7 year old beautiful grey and brown soft short haired domestic cat. She loves attention and will make a great companion for anyone who is around at home quite a lot. She prefers a regular routine and loves nothing more than seeing what is going on and then curling up next to you while you’re relaxing.

Misty is used to young children, just as long as they are gentle and play nicely with her. She does not like dogs though and would prefer to be the only cat in the house. Misty can become a bit scared by other cats and currently needs a litter tray inside so that she can stay indoors when she needs to. She does enjoy going outside though when it is warm and dry, then she likes to sunbath, play and chase insects.


Misty is extremely healthy, she is neutered, micro-chipped and has full medical history available at Lordship Lane Vets. If you would like to give Misty a new home, please contact us.



Trevor was found straying. He was in quite a bad way with wounds on his legs that we think may have been deliberately inflicted. He is responding well to treatment, and despite everything, remains lively and friendly (and always hungry)! He is thought to be about 3 years old and is mostly white with black patches.

The photo showing the wound was taken shortly after the vet had treated him. The vet was very concerned. Trevor had similar wounds on both of his front legs and sore dirty patches on his back legs, but the wounds are now healing very well.

Trevor is improving in recent weeks and now is eating normally and has put on 1.5 kilos since we took him in.

If you would like to give Trevor a new home, please contact us.




Ros is still with her current owner, who took her in when the previous owner emigrated to the USA.

The owner has 4 cats already though, and Ros is not very happy living with the other cats.

She is 6 years old, a persian cross, and is used to dogs, but not as we know, to cats, so would need to be in a home where she is the only cat.

Her favourite toy is a hair scrunchy. She loves being groomed, stroked and strolling around at leisurely pace. She suffered a back injury as a kitten and limps when she walks, and does not find it comfortable being picked up.

She is vaccinated and micro-chipped.

If you would like to give Ros a new home, please contact us

Mr Tom

Mr Tom

Mr Tom is a cat we have come into contact with via Croydon Cats Protection. He has been fed for a long time by a woman in West Norwood. He has now been neutered. He is very timid. Only Laura, his feeder, can pick him up, but he is not sure about anyone else. In fact he needed to be trapped so that he could go to the vet.

The Croydon Cats Protection, Laura and the Hamilton Cat Fund are hoping that Mr Tom will get a home of his own. He does act as though he was owned at sometime in his past.

He would suit someone who likes a rugged strong cat, who is probably really very soft, in the manner of Maestro or our founding cat Hamilton.

Update: We are bringing Mr Tom into cattery over the winter months so that he can be looked after better.

If you would like to give Mr Tom a new home, please contact us